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June Carter

classic country, country, singer-songwriter, folk

June Carter Cash

americana, classic country, country, folk

June Lodge

dub, pop, reggae

June of 44

indie rock, math rock, post-hardcore, post-rock

June Panic

lo-fi, singer-songwriter


electronic, jungle, techno

Jungle Brothers

hip hop, rap

Jungle by Night

afrobeat, funk, jazz

Jungle Fire

afrobeat, funk, ska, soul

Jungle Rot

brutal death metal, death metal



Junior Astronomers

indie rock, post-punk, rock

Junior Battles

pop punk, punk rock

Junior Boys

electronic, electronica, electropop

Junior Brown

country, honky tonk, rockabilly, southern rock

Junior Byles

dub, reggae, roots reggae

Junior Cony

dub, electro, reggae

Junior Delgado

dancehall, dub, reggae, roots reggae

Junior Doctor

alternative rock, pop punk, pop rock, rock

Junior Jack

dance, electronic, electronica, house

Junior Kelly

dancehall, ragga, reggae, roots reggae

Junior Kimbrough

blues, delta blues, singer-songwriter

Junior M.A.F.I.A.

gangsta rap, hip hop, rap

Junior Mance

blues, funk, jazz

Junior Mance Trio

bebop, blues, jazz

Junior Murvin

dub, reggae, roots reggae

Junior Parker

blues, funk, rhythm and blues, singer-songwriter, soul

Junior Reid

dancehall, dub, reggae, roots reggae

Junior Senior

dance, electronic, electronica, pop

Junior Stress

dancehall, ragga, raggamuffin, reggae