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Andreas Aleman

blue-eyed soul, jazz, pop

Andreas Dorau

electronic, electropop

Andreas Fulterer

schlager, volksmusik

Andreas Gabalier

schlager, volksmusik

Andreas Grega

indie rock, pop

Andreas Johnson

pop, rock, singer-songwriter

Andreas Kümmert

rock, singer-songwriter

Andreas Martin


Andreas Rönnberg

ambient, dark ambient, video game music

Andreas Vollenweider

ambient, electronic

Andreas von Wangenheim

easy listening

Andreas Waldetoft


Andrej Šeban

jazz, singer-songwriter

Andrés Calamaro

rock, singer-songwriter

Andrés Cepeda

latin pop, pop

Andrew Allen

pop, singer-songwriter, folk

Andrew Bayer

electronic, melodic trance, progressive house, progressive trance, trance

Andrew Bayer & Matt Lange Feat. Kerry Leva

drum and bass, progressive trance

Andrew Bayer feat. Molly Bancroft

progressive house, progressive trance, trance

Andrew Belle

pop, singer-songwriter, folk

Andrew Bird

indie pop, singer-songwriter, folk

Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire

jazz, singer-songwriter, swing, folk

Andrew Calhoun

singer-songwriter, folk

Andrew Cash


Andrew Combs

americana, country, folk

Andrew Dorff

indie rock, pop rock, singer-songwriter

Andrew Gold

pop, singer-songwriter

Andrew Hill

avant-garde, avant-garde jazz, free jazz, jazz

Andrew Jackson Jihad

folk punk, folk

Andrew Johnston

opera, vocal

Andrew McMahon

piano rock

Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness

indie pop, piano rock