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In Mitra Medusa Inri

darkwave, gothic rock, synthpop

In Mourning

death metal, doom metal, melodic death metal, progressive death metal, progressive metal

In Reverent Fear

post-hardcore, post-rock, progressive rock

In Solitude

heavy metal, metal

In Strict Confidence

darkwave, electronic

In the Absence

alternative metal, alternative rock, nu metal, rock

In The Midst Of Lions

deathcore, metalcore

In The Silence

progressive metal, progressive rock

In the Valley Below

dream pop, pop

In the Woods...

avant-garde, avant-garde metal, black metal, doom metal, progressive metal

In This Life

dubstep, electronic, electronica, post-hardcore

In This Moment

melodic metalcore, metal, metalcore

In Thy Dreams

death metal, melodic death metal

In Tua Nua

celtic, pop

In Vain

black metal, death metal, progressive death metal, progressive metal

In Whispers

alternative metal, alternative rock, heavy metal, nu metal, post-hardcore

In Your Face

electronic, funk, funk rock


post-hardcore, rock

Inactive Messiah

death metal, industrial metal, melodic death metal

Inara George

indie pop, singer-songwriter

Inaya Day

dance, electronic, electronica, house

Inborn Suffering

doom metal, metal


electronic, pop, synthpop

Inca Babies

deathrock, gothic rock, post-punk, psychobilly


brutal death metal, death metal


blues, multicultural


hardcore punk, metalcore



Inch Chua

electronic, electronica, rock, folk


brutal death metal, death metal, technical death metal


acid jazz, funk, jazz, smooth jazz, soul

Incognito Five

easy listening

Incredible Bongo Band

funk, jazz, soul