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Foresta di Ferro

martial industrial, neofolk


electronic, heavy metal, pop

Forever Amber

psychedelic rock, rock

Forever Came Calling

emo, pop punk, punk rock

Forever Is Forgotten

deathcore, mathcore, metalcore, progressive metal

Forever Never

alternative metal, metal, metalcore, nu metal

Forever Slave

gothic metal, symphonic metal

Forever Storm

heavy metal, power metal

Forever the Sickest Kids

electronic, pop punk, rock

Forever Young

hardcore punk, rock, straight edge


djent, melodic metalcore, metalcore, post-hardcore


pop punk, reggae, rock

Forget Cassettes

indie rock


indie rock, punk rock

Forgive Durden

emo, rock


gothic metal

Forgotten Boys

alternative rock, garage rock, punk rock, rock

Forgotten Rebels

punk rock, rock

Forgotten Tales

metal, power metal, symphonic metal

Forgotten Tomb

black metal, doom metal

Forgotten Woods

black metal


black metal, melodic black metal, viking metal

Former Ghosts

electronic, post-punk, synthpop

Formula 3

progressive rock, rock


black metal


fusion jazz, jazz, jazz fusion


rock, rock en español

Forrest Day

electronic, pop

Forro In The Dark

forró, pop


neofolk, folk

Fort BS

punk rock

Fort Hope

alternative rock, pop, rock

Fort Knox Five

breakbeat, chillout, funk

Fort Minor

hip hop, rap, rock

Fort Worth Doughboys

country, western swing