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Cinematic Sunrise

emo, pop punk, rock


indie rock, math rock, post-hardcore


britpop, chamber pop, indie pop


indie pop, pop

Cinnamon Chasers

electro, electronic, indietronica, synthpop

Cinque Cento

chillout, downtempo, electronic

Cipes and the People

hip hop, pop, reggae, rock


ambient, metalcore, post-punk, speedcore

Cipriano de Rore

early music


dance, electro, electronic, trance

Circa Waves

indie rock, rock

Circadian Eyes

ambient, post-rock

Circle City Band

disco, funk

Circle II Circle

heavy metal, metal, power metal, progressive metal

Circle Jerks

hardcore punk, punk rock

Circle Of Contempt

deathcore, metalcore

Circle of Dead Children

brutal death metal, death metal, deathgrind, goregrind, grindcore

Circle of Ghosts

ambient, black metal

Circle of Grief

folk metal, metal, power metal

Circle of Sig-Tiu

deathrock, hardcore punk, punk rock

Circle One

hardcore punk, punk rock

Circle Pit

garage rock, indie rock, lo-fi

Circle Seven

new wave, post-punk


downtempo, electronic, electronica


electro, house, progressive trance, techno, trance

Circuit Rider

acid rock, psychedelic rock

Circulatory System

indie pop, lo-fi


progressive rock, folk


glam rock, progressive rock

Circus Contraption

cabaret, dark cabaret

Circus Devils

indie rock, rock

Circus Envy

chillout, pop

Circus Maximus

metal, progressive metal, progressive rock

Circus of Power

hard rock, rock


alternative rock, progressive rock, rock

Cirez D

electro, electronic, house, tech house, techno

Cirith Gorgor

black metal, melodic black metal

Cirith Ungol

doom metal, heavy metal, metal

Ciro Hurtado

chillout, singer-songwriter

Cirque Du Soleil

ambient, soundtrack


big beat, breakbeat, electronic, electronica


metal, rock


folk rock, folk