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Blood Axis

dark ambient, martial industrial, neoclassical, neofolk

Blood Ceremony

doom metal, psychedelic rock, stoner rock

Blood Circus

alternative rock, grunge, rock

Blood Diamonds

electronic, tropicalia

Blood Duster

death metal, goregrind, grindcore

Blood Farmers

doom metal

Blood for Blood

hardcore punk

Blood Has Been Shed

grindcore, mathcore, metal, metalcore

Blood of the Sun

hard rock, psychedelic rock, rock, stoner rock

Blood on the Dance Floor

dance, electro, electronic, screamo

Blood on the Saddle

cowpunk, rock

Blood or Whiskey

celtic punk, folk punk

Blood Orange


Blood Pollution

rock, thrash metal

Blood Red Shoes

garage rock, indie rock

Blood Red Throne

brutal death metal, death metal, metal, technical death metal

Blood Ritual

black metal, death metal, metal

Blood Robots

anarcho punk, peace punk, punk rock

Blood Ruby

dream pop, shoegaze

Blood Safari

psychobilly, rock

Blood Stain Child

death metal, melodic death metal, metal

Blood Tsunami

death metal, melodic death metal, metal, thrash metal

Blood, Sweat & Tears

classic rock, jazz, jazz-rock, rock


black metal, viking metal


brutal death metal, death metal, melodic death metal, metal


heavy metal, metal, power metal


christian metal, hard rock, heavy metal


electronic, synthpop

Bloodhound Gang

alternative rock, rock


hard rock, southern rock, folk

Bloodless Pharaohs

new wave, post-punk


metal, metalcore, metallic hardcore


black metal, horrorcore, horrorcore rap


post-metal, stoner rock

Bloodred Hourglass

death metal, melodic death metal, metalcore, thrash metal


classic rock, hard rock, progressive rock, psychedelic rock, rock

Bloodshot Dawn

death metal, melodic death metal, metal, technical death metal, thrash metal


alternative metal, metal, metalcore, nu metal


death metal, funk, soul

Bloodsucking Zombies from Outer Space

horror punk, psychobilly, rockabilly


black metal, blackened death metal, death metal

Bloody Dead and Sexy

deathrock, gothic rock, post-punk

Bloody Hammers

doom metal, hard rock, psychedelic rock, stoner rock

Bloody nightmare

speed metal, thrash metal

Bloody Riot

hardcore punk