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The Unspoken Heard

hip hop, rap

The Untouchables

hardcore punk, reggae, ska

The Unused Word

ambient, trip-hop

The Unwanted

new wave

The Unwinding Hours

alternative rock, post-rock

The Upholsterers

garage rock, rock

The Upper Crust

hard rock, rock

The Upsessions

reggae, rocksteady, ska

The Upsetters

dub, reggae, rocksteady, roots reggae, ska

The Upstairs

disco, electronic

The Upsttemians

reggae, ska

The Urban Voodoo Machine

blues, cabaret, rock

The Urge

alternative rock, rock, ska

The Urgency

alternative rock, pop punk

The Urges

garage rock, rock

The Used

emo, rock, screamo

The Usual Suspects

dub, rock, ska

The Uv Race

garage rock, post-punk

The V-Roys

alternative country, country, rock

The V.I.P. Club

jazz, smooth jazz, urban jazz

The V.I.P.'s

power pop

The Vacants


The Vacation

alternative rock, indie rock, rock

The Vaccines

indie rock

The Vageenas

punk rock

The Valentinos

electro, soul

The Valkyrians

reggae, rocksteady, ska

The Valves

punk rock, rock

The Vamps

pop, pop rock

The Van Pelt

emo, indie rock, post-hardcore, post-rock

The Vandalias

power pop

The Vandals

pop punk, punk rock, ska

The Vandon Arms

celtic, celtic punk, folk punk, punk rock

The Vapors

new wave, pop

The Vara-Tones

surf music, surf rock

The Varukers

hardcore punk, punk rock

The Vasco Era

blues, rock

The Vaselines

indie pop

The Vaughan Brothers

blues, classic rock, rock

The Vectors

metal, rock

The Veer Union

alternative rock, hard rock, modern rock, rock

The Vees

indie rock, pop, rock

The Vegastones

alternative rock

The Veils

indie rock

The Velours

doo wop, oldies

The Velvet Satins

blues, doo wop, jazz, northern soul