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The Last Morning Soundtrack

singer-songwriter, folk

The Last Poets

funk, jazz

The Last Royals

indie pop, indie rock

The Last Shadow Puppets

indie rock, rock

The Late Call

indie pop, singer-songwriter

The Late Isabel

electronica, rock

The Latency

pop punk, pop rock, rock

The Latin Brothers

salsa, world music

The Latin Dogs

hardcore punk, punk rock

The Latin Kings

hip hop, rap

Thé Lau

pop, singer-songwriter

The Laughing Dogs

new wave, power pop, rock

The Laurels


The Lavender Faction

indie rock, noise pop, shoegaze

The Law

classic rock, metal, rock, thrash metal

The Lawrence Arms

pop punk, punk rock

The Lazy Cowgirls

garage rock, punk rock, rock

The League of Gentlemen

post-punk, progressive rock, rock

The Leather Nun

gothic rock, post-punk, rock

The Leaving Trains

alternative rock, post-punk

The Lees

blues, country, rock

The LeeVees

modern rock, rock

The Left Banke

baroque pop, pop, rock

The Leftovers

pop punk, punk rock, soundtrack

The Legendary Raw Deal

country, psychobilly, rockabilly

The Leisure Society

indie pop, folk

The Lemon Drops

garage rock, psychedelic rock

The Lemonheads

alternative rock, rock

The Len Price 3

garage rock, power pop, rock

The Lennerockers

rock and roll, rockabilly

The Lennon Sisters

easy listening, pop, soundtrack

The Leo Project

alternative rock, hard rock, metalcore, modern rock, rock

The Lepers

punk rock

The Lesser Birds of Paradise

folktronica, indie rock, folk

The Letter Black

alternative metal, alternative rock, hard rock, rock

The Lettermen

easy listening, oldies, pop, vocal

The Letters

indie rock, new wave