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punk rock

Thank You Scientist

jazz, jazz fusion, progressive rock, rock


ambient, black metal

Thao Nguyen

indie folk, singer-songwriter, folk


rock, singer-songwriter

That 1 Guy

ambient, avant-garde, singer-songwriter

that dog.

power pop

That Fucking Tank

math rock, post-rock

That Ghost

indie rock, lo-fi, singer-songwriter

That Handsome Devil

alternative rock, experimental rock, funk, jazz, rock

That's Outrageous!

electronic, post-hardcore

Thatcher on Acid

anarcho punk, peace punk, punk rock


power metal, symphonic metal

Thayer Sarrano

dream pop, shoegaze


celtic, grindcore, mathcore, post-punk

The "5" Royales

doo wop, oldies, rhythm and blues, soul

The #1s

power pop

The 'B' Girls

alternative rock, power pop

The .357 String Band

bluegrass, country, outlaw country

The 101ers

rock, rockabilly

The 11th Hour

death metal, doom metal

The 1975

indie rock

The 2 Bears

electronic, electronica, house

The 241ers

folk punk, punk rock

The 3rd and the Mortal

doom metal, gothic metal

The 4 of Us


The 5th Dimension

funk, oldies, pop, soul

The 69 Eyes

gothic metal, gothic rock

The 6ths

indie pop, lo-fi

The 77's

alternative rock, christian rock, rock

The 88

indie pop, indie rock, rock

The 9th Creation

disco, funk, jazz, soul

The :Egocentrics

psychedelic rock, space rock, stoner rock

The A's

new wave, power pop

The A-Bones

garage rock, rockabilly, surf rock

The A.M.

alternative rock, rock

The Aardvarks

psychedelic rock