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Those Intrinsic Intellectuals

alternative rock, rock

Those Poor Bastards

country, folk

Those Unknown

punk rock



Thou Art Lord

black metal, blackened death metal

Thou Shalt Suffer

ambient, black metal, dark ambient, death metal, neoclassical

Thought Riot

hardcore punk, melodic hardcore, punk rock

Thoughts of Ionesco

mathcore, metalcore

Thoughts Paint the Sky

emo, post-hardcore, screamo

Thousand Foot Krutch

alternative rock, christian rock, rock

Thousand Leaves

melodic death metal, progressive metal

Thousand Yard Stare

alternative rock, shoegaze


black metal, noise rock


thrash metal

Thrashing Doves

new wave, rock


black metal, folk metal, melodic black metal

Threat Signal

industrial metal, melodic death metal, metal, metalcore, thrash metal


punk rock

Three 6 Mafia

dirty south, hip hop, rap

Three Bad Jacks

psychobilly, rockabilly

Three Bridges

southern gospel

Three Crosses

christian rock, pop, rock

Three Days Grace

alternative rock, hard rock, metal, rock

Three Dog Night

classic rock, oldies, rock, southern rock

Three Drives

dance, electronic, electronica, progressive trance, trance

Three Fish

alternative rock, grunge, rock

Three Legged Fox

reggae, rock

Three Man Army

blues-rock, hard rock, progressive rock

Three Mile Pilot

indie rock, rock

Three Plus

island, jawaiian, pop, reggae

Three Souls in My Mind

garage rock, psychedelic rock

Three Steps to the Ocean

post-metal, post-rock

Three Trapped Tigers

electronic, math rock, post-rock

Three Years Hollow

alternative metal, alternative rock, hard rock, modern rock, rock


emo, indie rock, rock


pop punk, punk rock

Threes And Will

noise rock


heavy metal, metal, progressive metal, progressive rock


emo, post-hardcore, rock


dubstep, glitch

Thriving Ivory

alternative rock, piano rock, rock

Throbbing Gristle


Throes + The Shine

alternative rock, rock

Throes of Dawn

black metal, doom metal, metal

Throne of Ahaz

black metal, metal

Throne of Baal

black metal