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This Charming Man

punk rock, rock

this cold life

melodic death metal, metalcore

This Day & Age

emo, rock

This Empty Flow

ambient, post-rock, progressive rock, shoegaze

This Fires Embrace

alternative metal, alternative rock, hard rock, rock

This Heat

avant-garde, new wave, noise rock, post-punk

This Immortal Coil

ambient, post-industrial

This Is A Standoff

melodic hardcore, punk rock, skate punk

This Is the Kit

singer-songwriter, folk

This Old Ghost

indie folk, rock, folk

This Patch of Sky

ambient, art rock, post-rock

This Perfect Day

indie pop, pop

This Romantic Tragedy

electronic, electronica, post-hardcore

This System Kills

anarcho punk, hardcore punk, punk rock

This Town Needs Guns

indie rock, math rock, post-rock

This Way To The Egress

cabaret, dark cabaret, gypsy punk, vaudeville

This Will Destroy You

ambient, post-rock

This World Fair

alternative rock, rock

Thom Hell

indie pop, pop, singer-songwriter

Thom Pace

country, pop, rock, folk

Thom Rotella

jazz, smooth jazz, techno

Thom Yorke

electronic, singer-songwriter

Thomas Anders

disco, pop

Thomas Azier

electronic, electropop, synthpop

Thomas Bangalter

electro, electronic, house

Thomas Bergersen


Thomas Blug

instrumental rock, rock

Thomas Buttensch√łn

pop, singer-songwriter

Thomas Campion

early music

Thomas D

hip hop

Thomas Dolby

electronic, new wave, synthpop

Thomas Dybdahl


Thomas Feiner & Anywhen

chamber pop, indie rock

Thomas Fersen

chanson, singer-songwriter