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The Yellow Moon Band

progressive rock, psychedelic rock, rock

The Yolks

garage rock, lo-fi

The Young and the Useless

hardcore punk, punk rock

The Young Dubliners

celtic, celtic rock, rock, folk

The Young Fresh Fellows

garage rock, power pop, rock

The Young Gods

electronic, industrial rock

The Young Lords

new wave, power pop

The Young Lovers

ambient, electronic, funk, house, jazz

The Young Professionals

dance, electronic, indietronica, pop

The Young Punx

dance, electro, electronic, electronica, house

The Young Rascals

classic rock, oldies, rock, soul

The Youngbloods

classic rock, rock, folk

The Younghearts

doo wop, northern soul, soul

The Youngsters

electronic, electronica, techno

The Yum Yums

pop punk, power pop

The Zakary Thaks

garage rock, psychedelic rock, rock

The Zawinul Syndicate

jazz, jazz fusion

The Zen Circus & Brian Ritchie

indie folk, indie rock

The Zeros

power pop, punk rock

The Ziggens

rock, surf rock

The Zipps

freakbeat, rock

The Zips

punk rock, rock

The Zolas

indie rock, piano rock

The Zombie Kids

dubstep, electro, electronic

The Zombies

classic rock, pop, rock

The Zutons

indie rock, rock

The Пауки

punk rock, rockabilly

Thea Gilmore

singer-songwriter, folk


funk, j-pop, j-rock, rock

Theatre of Hate

deathrock, gothic rock, post-punk

Theatre of Tragedy

doom metal, gothic metal, metal

Theatres Des Vampires

black metal, gothic metal, metal


rapcore, rock

Thee Ahs

twee pop

Thee Attacks

garage rock, rock

Thee Headcoatees

garage rock, rock

Thee Headcoats

garage rock

Thee Hypnotics

garage rock, hard rock, psychedelic rock

Thee Midniters

garage rock, oldies, rock

Thee More Shallows

indie rock, post-rock, slowcore