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The Tyde

indie pop

The Tymes

oldies, pop, soul

The UFO Club

indie rock, neo-psychedelia, psychedelic rock, rock

The Ugly

black metal

The Ugly Facade

alternative rock, industrial rock, rock, soundtrack

The Ukrainians

folk punk, folk rock, folk

The Umpteens

indie pop, indie rock, jangle pop, lo-fi, twee pop

The Unband

alternative rock, garage rock, rock

The Uncalled For

garage rock

The Uncle Devil Show

pop, rock, singer-songwriter, folk

The Undead

horror punk, psychobilly, punk rock

The Underachievers

hip hop, rap

The Undercover Hippy


The Underdog Project

dance, electronic, electronica, house, trance

The Underdogs

garage rock, psychedelic rock, punk rock

The Underground Youth

garage rock, neo-psychedelia, psychedelic rock

The Underscore Orkestra

blues, gypsy jazz, jazz, klezmer

The Undertones

new wave, punk rock, rock

The Undisputed Truth

funk, motown, rhythm and blues, soul

The Unfinished Sympathy

indie rock, rock

The Unguided

melodic death metal, metal

The Unicorns

indie pop, indie rock, lo-fi

The Union

blues, hard rock, rock

The Union Underground

alternative metal, hard rock, metal, nu metal, rock

The Uniques

reggae, rocksteady, ska

The Unisex


The United Sons of Toil

math rock, noise rock, post-hardcore, post-punk

The United States of America

psychedelic rock, rock

The Unknown

funk, post-punk, rock, soundtrack

The Unknown Cases

new wave, progressive rock, world music

The Unlovables

pop punk, power pop, punk rock

The Unseen

hardcore punk, punk rock

The Unspoken Heard

hip hop, rap

The Untouchables

hardcore punk, reggae, ska

The Unwanted

new wave

The Upholsterers

garage rock, rock

The Upsessions

reggae, rocksteady, ska

The Upsetters

dub, reggae, rocksteady, roots reggae, ska

The Upstairs

disco, electronic

The Urban Voodoo Machine

blues, cabaret, rock

The Urge

alternative rock, rock, ska

The Urgency

alternative rock, pop punk

The Used

emo, rock, screamo

The Usual Suspects

dub, rock, ska

The Uv Race

garage rock, post-punk

The V-Roys

alternative country, country, rock