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The Three Tenors

opera, vocal

The Thrills

indie rock, rock

The Thrillseekers

ambient, chillout, electronic, trance

The Throbs

glam metal, hard rock, rock

The Tidal Sleep

melodic hardcore, post-hardcore, screamo

The Tielman Brothers

indo rock, rock and roll, rockabilly

The Tiger Lillies

avant-garde, cabaret, dark cabaret

The Tights

punk rock

The Tiki Tones

exotica, surf rock

The Tillers

blues, folk

The Tim Version

metal, punk rock

The Time

funk, pop

The Time Frequency

electronic, house, rave, techno

The Time Jumpers

bluegrass, country, western swing

The Timeout Drawer

experimental rock, post-rock

The Times

new wave

The Ting Tings

electronic, electropop

The Tins

alternative rock, indie rock, pop rock

The Tiny


The Title

dance, electronic, electropop, power pop

The Toasters

reggae, ska, ska punk

The Tokens

doo wop, oldies, pop

The Toms

new wave, pop, power pop

The Tongue

hip hop

The Tontons

indie rock

The Tony Rice Unit

bluegrass, country

The Tony Williams Lifetime

jazz, jazz fusion, progressive rock

The Tories

indie pop, power pop

The Tormentos

surf rock

The Tornadoes

classic rock, rock, surf rock

The Tornados

oldies, pop

The Tossers

celtic punk, folk punk

The Tough Alliance

electronic, electropop

The Tourists

new wave, pop, power pop

The Town Pants

celtic, celtic rock, folk

The Toy Dolls

punk rock

The Toyes

electronic, reggae, techno

The Track Record

emo, pop punk, rock

The Tractors

americana, country, western swing

The Traditional Fools

garage rock, lo-fi, surf rock

The Tragically Hip

alternative rock, rock