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Pete Huttlinger

classic rock, country

Pete Johnson

blues, boogie woogie, jazz, rhythm and blues

Pete Jolly

cool jazz, jazz, smooth jazz

Pete Krebs

indie rock, singer-songwriter, folk

Pete Lawrie

blues, rock, singer-songwriter

Pete Molinari

blues, country blues, singer-songwriter, folk

Pete Morton

singer-songwriter, folk

Pete Murray

rock, singer-songwriter

Pete Rock

hip hop, rap

Pete Seeger

americana, singer-songwriter, folk

Pete Shelley

new wave, synthpop

Pete Teo

rock, singer-songwriter, folk

Pete Tex


Pete Thomas

funk, swing

Pete Townshend

classic rock, rock, singer-songwriter

Pete Townshend & Ronnie Lane

blues, classic rock, rock, singer-songwriter

Pete Wingfield

blues, jazz, soul

Pete Wylie

new wave, post-punk

Pete Yorn

indie rock, rock, singer-songwriter

Peter & Gordon

british invasion, classic rock, oldies, rock

Peter Allen

pop, singer-songwriter

Peter and Gordon


Peter and Kerry

indie pop, singer-songwriter, folk

Peter and the Wolf

singer-songwriter, folk

Peter Asher

film score

Peter Belli

classic rock, rock

Peter Bjorn and John

indie pop, indie rock

Peter Blegvad

rock, singer-songwriter

Peter Bouncer

drum and bass, jungle, reggae

Peter Bradley Adams

singer-songwriter, folk