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Nevermind the Name

post-rock, rock


heavy metal, metal, power metal, progressive metal, thrash metal

Neverne Bebe

pop, pop rock, rock


alternative metal, nu metal, rapcore


emo, emocore, screamo


pop punk, punk rock, rock


alternative rock, christian rock, emo, rock

Neville Staple

dub, reggae, ska


alternative rock, indie rock, rock


pop, singer-songwriter

New Adventures

indie rock, rock

New Atlantic

indie pop, indie rock, rock

New Bad Things

indie rock, lo-fi, rock

New Bomb Turks

garage rock, punk rock

New Born

goa, goa trance

New Brutalism

indie rock, math rock, noise rock

New Buffalo

indie pop, singer-songwriter

New Century Classics

ambient, post-rock

New Direction

hardcore punk, melodic hardcore

New Duncan Imperials

psychobilly, rockabilly

New Edition

new jack swing, pop, soul

New Empire

pop rock, rock

New End Original

emo, indie rock, rock

New Found Glory

pop punk, punk rock, rock

New Found Land

indie folk, singer-songwriter, folk

New Generation

dance, jazz, new wave, reggae

New Gods

grunge, psychedelic rock

New Grass Revival

americana, bluegrass, newgrass, progressive bluegrass

New Heights

britpop, emo, pop punk, pop rock, rock

New Holland

emo, rock

New Hollow

alternative rock, pop rock

New Idea Society

post-rock, rock

New Juggler Sound

psychedelic rock

New Keepers of the Water Towers

doom metal, stoner metal, stoner rock

New Life Worship

christian rock

New Limit

dance, eurodance, funk, rock

New London Fire

indie rock, new wave, rock

New Lows

hardcore punk, metallic hardcore

New Medicine

alternative rock, modern rock, punk rock, rock

New Model Army

post-punk, rock

New Musik

electronic, new wave, pop, synthpop

New Navy

indie rock, rock

New Order

electronic, new wave, post-punk

New Orleans Jazz Vipers

big band, dixieland, jazz, swing

New Orleans Owls

dixieland, jazz, new orleans jazz

New Orleans Wanderers

dixieland, jazz

New Politics

alternative rock, indie rock, rap rock, rock

New Production Goes To Munich

avant-garde, new wave