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Michael Lington

jazz, smooth jazz

Michael Martin Murphey

classic country, classic rock, country, singer-songwriter, folk

Michael McCann

ambient, electronic, soundtrack, video game music

Michael McDermott

rock, singer-songwriter, folk

Michael McGoldrick

celtic, celtic fusion, folk

Michael Mind Project

dance, electronic, house, pop, trance

Michael Monroe

glam rock, hard rock, rock

Michael Moorcock & The Deep Fix

classic rock, progressive rock, psychedelic rock, rock, space rock

Michael Morgan


Michael Nesmith

country, country rock, rock, singer-songwriter

Michael Nyman


Michael Osborn

blues, electric blues

Michael Paynter

pop, pop rock, rock

Michael Penn

pop, rock, singer-songwriter, folk

Michael Pickett

blues, harmonica blues

Michael Pitt & The Twins Of Evil

post-grunge, soundtrack

Michael Praetorius

early music

Michael Prophet

dub, reggae, roots reggae

Michael Rose

dancehall, dub, reggae, roots reggae

Michael Rother

electronic, krautrock

Michael Ruff

pop, singer-songwriter, soul

Michael Schenker

hard rock, heavy metal, instrumental rock

Michael Schenker Group

classic rock, hard rock, heavy metal, rock

Michael Schulte

pop, singer-songwriter

Michael Sembello

new wave, pop, rock, soundtrack

Michael Smith

free jazz, reggae, folk

Michael Squire


Michael Stanley

alternative rock, classic rock, rock

Michael Stanley Band

classic rock

Michael Sweet

christian rock, classic rock, hard rock, rock

Michael Tomlinson

easy listening, singer-songwriter, smooth jazz

Michael Trent

folk rock, folk

Michael Tschuggnall

austropop, pop

Michael W. Smith

contemporary christian, pop

Michael Weatherly

blues, soundtrack

Michael Zager Band

dance, disco, electronic


dance, eurodance, pop

Michaela May

electronic, pop

Michal David

disco, pop

Michal Hrůza

singer-songwriter, thrashcore

Michal Menert

downtempo, electronica

Michal Prokop

big beat, blues, rock

Michal Prokop & Framus Five

classic rock, rock

Michal Tučný

country, folk

Michale Graves

horror punk, punk rock, rock

Michał Lorenc