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Lisa Simone

jazz, soul, vocal jazz

Lisa Stansfield

pop, soul


post-hardcore, post-rock

Lisandro Aristimuño

singer-songwriter, folk

Lisandro Meza

cumbia, vallenato

Lisbee Stainton

rock, singer-songwriter, folk

Lisbeth Scott

ambient, singer-songwriter, soundtrack

Lissi Dancefloor Disaster

electronic, electropop, synthpop


indie folk, singer-songwriter, folk

Lissy Trullie

indie pop, indie rock


alternative rock, pop punk, rock

Lita Ford

hard rock, rock


math rock, post-rock


alternative rock, new wave, rock


indie rock


hip hop, pop

Little & Ashley


Little Angels

classic rock, hard rock, rock

Little Ann

funk, metal, soul

Little Anthony & the Imperials

doo wop, motown, northern soul, oldies, soul

Little Axe

blues, dub, electric blues, reggae

Little Barrie

funk, indie rock, rock

Little Beaver

funk, rhythm and blues, soul

Little Big

electronic, rap, rave

Little Blue Crunchy Things

funk, jazz, rock

Little Boy Blues

garage rock, psychedelic rock, rock

Little Caesar

hard rock, rock

Little Charlie & The Nightcats

blues, harmonica blues, jazz, jump blues

Little Comets

indie pop, indie rock

Little Computer People

electro, electroclash, electronic, electronica, electropop

Little Daylight

electropop, indie pop, synthpop

Little Dragon

chillout, electronic, trip-hop

Little Eva

oldies, pop, soul

Little Feat

blues, classic rock, rock, southern rock

Little Fish

rock, singer-songwriter