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Johnny Cooper

country, red dirt

Johnny Copeland

blues, electric blues, texas blues

Johnny Crawford

oldies, pop

Johnny Cymbal

oldies, rock and roll, rockabilly, vocal

Johnny Deluxe

pop, rock

Johnny Devlin

british invasion, rock

Johnny Dickinson

blues, folk

Johnny Dodds

blues, dixieland, jazz

Johnny Dorelli

easy listening, pop

Johnny Dowd

americana, country, singer-songwriter

Johnny Dread

reggae, world music

Johnny Duncan

bluegrass, country, skiffle, folk

Johnny Faire


Johnny Flynn

indie folk, singer-songwriter, folk

Johnny Foreigner

indie rock

Johnny Fortune

surf rock, folk

Johnny Fuller

blues, rhythm and blues, rock and roll, rockabilly

Johnny Gill

new jack swing, soul

Johnny Griffin

bebop, hard bop, jazz

Johnny Hartman

jazz, vocal jazz

Johnny Hates Jazz

new wave, pop, soft rock

Johnny Hickman

country, folk rock, rock, rockabilly

Johnny Hicks

country, rockabilly

Johnny Hodges

bebop, blues, jazz, swing

Johnny Horton

classic country, country, honky tonk, rockabilly

Johnny Jano

americana, country, rock and roll, rockabilly

Johnny Jenkins

blues, funk, soul

Johnny Johnson & The Bandwagon

northern soul, pop, soul

Johnny Jordaan


Johnny Kemp

dance, new jack swing, soul

Johnny Kidd & The Pirates

classic rock, garage rock, rock, rock and roll