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Johnny Mercer

big band, jazz, oldies, singer-songwriter, swing

Johnny Mercer & The Pied Pipers

dixieland, singer-songwriter

Johnny Nash

oldies, pop, reggae, soul

Johnny O'Keefe

oldies, rock, rock and roll

Johnny Osbourne

dancehall, dub, reggae, roots reggae

Johnny Otis

blues, jazz, rhythm and blues, soul, swing

Johnny Pate

funk, jazz, soul, soundtrack

johnny paycheck

classic country, country, honky tonk, outlaw country

Johnny Powers

rock, rock and roll, rockabilly

Johnny Preston

oldies, rock and roll

Johnny Rain

electronic, soul

Johnny Rebel


Johnny Reid


Johnny Reimar

pop, schlager

Johnny Restivo

oldies, rock, rock and roll

Johnny Richter

hip hop, rap

Johnny Rivera

salsa, salsa romantica

Johnny Rivers

classic rock, oldies, rock

Johnny Rodriguez

americana, country, singer-songwriter

Johnny Shines

blues, delta blues, folk

Johnny Sky


Johnny Smith

cool jazz, jazz, mainstream jazz

Johnny Smith Quintet

cool jazz, jazz

Johnny Thunder

oldies, pop rock, rock, soul

Johnny Thunders

punk rock, rock, singer-songwriter

Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers

garage rock, punk rock, rock

Johnny Tillotson

oldies, pop, rock and roll

Johnny Trouble

country, rockabilly

Johnny Van Zant

classic rock, hard rock, rock, southern rock

Johnny Ventura

merengue, salsa

Johnny Warman

classic rock, new wave, rock

Johnny Western

classic country, country, oldies, rockabilly

Johnny Winter

blues, classic rock, rock

Johnny Woods

blues, harmonica blues


pop, rock, soul, folk


indie rock, rock