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dance, disco polo, rock


classic rock, hard rock, rock

Cowboy Killers

hardcore punk

Cowboy Mouth

rock, southern rock

Coyote Grace

americana, folk

Coyote Kisses

dubstep, electronic, glitch

Coyote Theory

indie rock, jazz, rock

Cozy Powell

classic rock, hard rock, rock

CPM 22

melodic hardcore, rock

Crabb Family

southern gospel

Crabby Appleton

classic rock, power pop, rock

Crack the Sky

classic rock, progressive rock, rock


alternative rock, rock

Cradle of Filth

black metal, death metal, gothic metal, metal, symphonic black metal

Craft Spells

dream pop, electronic, indie pop, lo-fi

Craig Armstrong

ambient, chillout, electronic, soundtrack

Craig Cardiff

singer-songwriter, folk

Craig Chaquico

jazz, smooth jazz

Craig David

pop, soul

Craig Douglas

oldies, pop

Craig Finn

rock, singer-songwriter

Craig Morgan



dream pop, shoegaze


parody, rock


metal, rock, thrash metal

Crash Box

hardcore punk, punk rock

Crash Kings

alternative rock, indie rock, piano rock, rock

Crash Of Rhinos

emo, math rock, post-hardcore, post-rock

Crash Romeo

emo, pop punk, rock

Crash Test Dummies

alternative rock, rock


peace punk, punk rock

Cravin' Melon


Crazy Arm

folk punk, punk rock, folk

Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers

rock and roll, rockabilly

Crazy Frog

dance, electronic

Crazy Horse

classic rock, folk rock, rock

Crazy P

electronic, electronica, funk, funky house, house

Crazy Town

alternative rock, nu metal, rapcore, rock


blues, classic rock, rock

Creaming Jesus

deathrock, gothic rock


classic rock, garage rock, psychedelic rock, rock

Creature Feature

darkwave, electronic


alternative rock, grunge, hard rock, rock

Creedence Clearwater Revisited

classic rock, country rock, folk rock, rock

Creedence Clearwater Revival

classic rock, rock, southern rock, folk