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Blue Flannel

rock, singer-songwriter, soundtrack

Blue Foundation

ambient, chillout, electronic, trip-hop

Blue Fringe

pop, religious, rock

Blue Hawaii

ambient, chillwave, dream pop, lo-fi

Blue Highway

americana, bluegrass, country, folk

Blue King Brown

reggae, soul

Blue Lagoon

dance, electronic, eurodance, pop

Blue Lu Barker

blues, jazz, rhythm and blues

Blue Magic

quiet storm, soul

Blue Man Group

electronic, rock

Blue Mink

funk, rock, soul

Blue Mitchell

bebop, funk, hard bop, jazz


downtempo, trip hop, trip-hop

Blue Moon

rock, rockabilly, trance

Blue Moon Rising

americana, bluegrass, country

Blue Mountain

americana, country, southern rock, folk

Blue Murder

classic rock, hard rock, heavy metal, rock

Blue October

alternative rock, indie rock, rock

Blue Orchids


Blue Öyster Cult

classic rock, hard rock, heavy metal, progressive rock, rock

Blue Peter

new wave, power pop, synthpop

Blue Pilots Project

ambient, chillout, downtempo, electronica

Blue Rodeo

country, rock

Blue Rose Code

celtic, folk

Blue Roses

singer-songwriter, folk

Blue Ruin

glam metal

Blue Shade

metal, pop

Blue Six

chillout, deep house, downtempo, house

Blue Sky Riders

americana, country

Blue Smitty

blues, rhythm and blues

Blue Stahli

electronic, electronica

Blue Star

blues, dance, electronic, trance

Blue States

chillout, downtempo, electronic, trip-hop

Blue Stew

blues, harmonica blues

Blue Stingrays

punk rock, rock, surf rock

Blue Stone

ambient, chillout, electronic

Blue System

dance, disco, pop

Blue Tears

hard rock

Blue Velvet


Blue Zone

dance, electronic, happy hardcore, pop

Blue Zoo

new wave, post-punk

Blue-eyed Son

indie pop, indie rock, pop

Bluebottle Kiss

alternative rock, indie rock, rock