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A Silent Film

indie rock, post-punk, rock

A Silver Mt. Zion

ambient, post-rock

A Skylit Drive

emo, emocore, post-hardcore, screamo

a slow in dance

ambient, post-rock

A Smile From The Trenches

emo, emocore, post-hardcore, rock, screamo

A Storm of Light

doom metal, post-metal

A Sunny Day In Glasgow

dream pop, electronic, shoegaze

A Taste Of Honey

disco, funk, pop, soul

A Thorn For Every Heart

emo, emocore, post-hardcore, rock, screamo

A Thousand Horses

country, rock, southern rock

A Thousand Knives Of Fire

hard rock, heavy metal, rock, stoner rock

A Thousand Years Slavery

death metal, deathcore, melodic death metal, metalcore

A Toys Orchestra

indie rock

A Tribe Called Quest

funk, hip hop, rap

A Tribe Called Red

dubstep, electronic

A Vain Attempt

emo, emocore, post-hardcore, screamo

A Vida Azul

chillout, downtempo, house

A Voice Like Rhetoric

indie rock, math rock, post-hardcore, progressive rock

A Walk With the Wicked

death metal, groove metal, melodic death metal

A Weather

indie folk, indie pop, singer-songwriter

A Whisper in the Noise

art rock, indie rock, post-rock

A Wilhelm Scream

melodic hardcore, punk rock

A Winged Victory for the Sullen

ambient, neoclassical


dance, europop, pop, teen pop


punk rock


dance, pop


new wave, pop


anarcho punk


bubblegum dance, dance, eurodance, trance


emo, rock

A. G. Cook

electronic, pop

A. R. Rahman

electronic, soundtrack

A.A. Bondy

americana, singer-songwriter, folk