Fabio Rovelli

Strumenti suonati: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Classic Guitar

Nazione: Italia


Fabio Rovelli

I received my first music education at Arcore's "Susanna Cappellotto" Music School where I studied harmony, counterpoint and composition with M ° Paolo Corneo and guitar with M ° Jesus Eduardo Alvarez. I have achieved in 2012 the LTCL (Licenciate Trinity College London) In classical guitar and the Diploma at the Conservatory of L. Marenzio di Brescia (Darfo BT) under the guidance of M ° Jesùs Eduardo Alvarez. I achieved the Master's degree in classica guitar in the L.Marenzio di Brescia (D. B.T.) conservatory, in the class of M ° Bruno Giuffredi.
I partecipated in masterclass couses with M ° Pablo Lentini, M ° Marco Tulli, M ° Bruno Guiffredi and on more than one occasion I took part in the masterclasses held in Italy by the classic guitarist Charles Ramirez.
The interest in singing has led me to deepen its technical aspects by taking vocal lessons with soprano Antonella Gianese, At the Civic School of Corsico "A. Pozzi "; I followed the course of interpretation, ornamentation and b.c. of the sixteenth century held by M ° Roberto Gini at the “Scuola Musicale” in Milan.
I have been attending bachelor's choir conducting studies with the M° Nunzio Scibilia at the G.Verdi conservatorio in Milan and now I am completing the choir's Bachelor's degree with Jos Van Veldhoven at the Royal Conservatory of the Hague.
I started to attend, in order to deepen the knowledge of the early music, the minor course in theorbo, lute and chitarrone with Mike Fentros at the Royal Conservatorium of the Hague.

I have conducted teaching activities (classic guitar and music theory teaching) at the PIM School of music in Milan, at the civic music school A. Pozzi di Corsico and at the music school "E 'Musica Nuova" di Trezzo sull'Adda.
I held, in order to spread the knowledge of his instrument , various conferences and concerts for middle and high school students focusing on the history of classical guitar from the Renaissance until modern times.

From 2011 I performed an intense concert activity as soloist, in Theatrical productions,
and duo with the soprano Elisa de Toffol, with whom I constitute the duo "CordeLibere".
In 2015 I recorded for the edition “Sinfonica” "10 guitar studios" .
I composed and conducted music of "ArteUomo" (2014), an interdisciplinary artistic project in collaboration with other musicians and artists.

I conducted from 2014 to 2017 the oratorio choir of S. Maurizio in Vimercate (Italy) and the student choir VociNuove of Corsico.
Since october 2017 I am conducting the folk-popular choir “Rechoired” in the Hague.