Yalp Educational

There is a new way to learn music: study whenever and wherever you want.

Try now the educational course that allows you to access more than 300 bite-sized guitar lessons and tips (soon bass and keyboard lessons will also be released).

The didactic path has been designed by experienced Tutor to optimise the learning speed.

Example of lessons and tips

yalp educational lesson example
yalp educational lesson example
yalp educational lesson example

300+ bite-sized self service lessons

Progressive difficulty

Practice 5 minutes a day

yalp educational progress example

Keep track of your progress

Every time you mark a lesson as completed, Yalp tracks your progress and suggest the new lesson to improve your skills.

Complete the didactic path by playing famous song and learn music in a funny way.

Learn music theory while having fun

Each music tip has some music theory inside that are strictly necessary to better play the proposed song.

You will learn music theory and technique by playing famous songs without any effort.

Learning music has never been so easy.