Sex Type Thing chords by Stone Temple Pilots

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Album Core

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"Sex Type Thing" was the debut single released by the rock band Stone Temple Pilots in 1992 off their debut album Core. The song spawned a music video which received moderate rotation on MTV (at the height of the early 1990s grunge music scene) and is still heard on most rock radio stations today. Contrary to popular belief, singer Scott Weiland wrote the song as an anti-rape statement, not as a song simply about sex, as he has stated: ""This song is really not about sex at all. It's about control, violence and abuse of power." According to guitarist Dean DeLeo, the song "In the Light" by Led Zeppelin had a direct influence on the main riff in "Sex Type Thing." Although not stated by DeLeo, the main riff bears a striking similarity to the opening riff of the Danzig song, "Snakes of Christ" from the album Danzig II: Lucifuge. Over time, "Sex Type Thing" became the band's traditional closer at live shows. During some performances from 1999 until STP's 2003 break-up, the band would extend the song's bridge into a jam session where Weiland would strip naked in front of the audience and then wrap his lower body in an American flag. ==MUSIC VIDEO== During the grunge explosion of the 90's, the music video for "Sex Type Thing" is usually denoted as the single factor that drove Stone Temple Pilots into the scene. The video was in medium-heavy rotation on MTV during the time, and helped make STP a contender in the grunge war. The video itself hosts a very dark motif, with Scott Weiland (who bleached his hair blond) being tortured in a rather BDSM fashion, with the band members playing their various instruments in the background. Various shots of women are shown being hanged by chains. This video is rather distinctive because it is the first to showcase Scott Weiland's trademark "dance". ==MEDIA== * "Sex Type Thing" was featured on the soundtrack of the American version of Gran Turismo 2. * Along with "Interstate Love Song", "Sex Type Thing" is one of two STP songs available as a downloadable master track for Rock Band. * The song is part of the main setlist featured in Guitar Hero: Aerosmith. ==COVERS== * The song has been covered live by Velvet Revolver, a supergroup in which Weiland fronted from 2003-2008. * Evanescence and Theory of a Deadman have also covered the song live. * Weird Al Yankovic parodied "Sex Type Thing" in his song "The Alternative Polka" off the album Bad Hair Day. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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