Lifening chords by Snow Patrol

Song's chords E, Fm, D, A, Cm

Info about song

"The overall feeling of the record is home though - there are stories about my childhood (The Garden Rules) and Garret’s kids (Life-ning). Home is the overall theme.” -Gary Lightbody "That song is really about the line, 'to be a father like my dad'," he says. "That's probably the most personal thing I've ever written. I want kids for sure. I wasn't sure men had biological clocks, but I can hear mine so fucking loudly, it's right behind my eyes. But they rarely let single guys in rock bands adopt, and that's not actually a bad policy, is it? I know that my moral compass is still spinning randomly, but I want to rediscover the playfulness and innocence I had as a kid. That time when I could just round around, covered in mud, laughing out loud and not giving a shit about anything." -Gary Lightbody Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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