Mamacita chords by OutKast

Song's chords Fm, C, F, A

Album Aquemini

Info about song

Produced by Organized Noize If every classic album has one track that seems to come out of left field, "Mamacita" is Aquemini's. Produced by Ray Murray and Rico Wade, the beat bangs without question. But at the time it simply left fans wondering: Who is the crunk "mamacita" with the New York accent rhyming with Dre, Big and Witchdoctor? Rico Wade: We had about three different girls that we worked with as rappers throughout our career and none of them really made it out of the Dungeon. They all got stuck in the goddamn walls. But Masada got a chance because she was talented. We were working with her and Dana in a rap group. Me and Ray met them at a freestyle battle. Masada: I met Rico back in '96 in a club called the Oxygen where I used to do open mic. We were cool, and shortly after I met him I wound up leaving Atlanta and going back to Jersey. I left because I was pregnant with my daughter. And after I had my daughter, Rico ended up running into my girlfriend Dana in the club and he told her to tell me to call. So when I called him he said, 'Masada come down,' and he flew my daughter and I down. When we got to town, we dropped my daughter off with his mother and went to the studio. And when we got in the studio he kept teasing me saying, 'Mamacita.' Rico Wade: I just had the beat playing and I know my vibe came from fucking with Masada, 'cause she's so New York. She's from Jersey but when she talks it's just so New York chick. So I was just fucking with her like, 'Mama-cita.' And she came right back: 'Papa-donna.' I said: 'Let's go put that shit down right now.' We put the hook down right then, she busted the first verse, then Dre came in and heard her rapping on it. It was a project we were working on for Masada and Dana's side project, Mahogany. But he came in the Dungeon and heard the beat and just made it a song. Andre 3000: It was a groovy kinda thing. Just going back and forth on male/female [relationships]. I had a girlfriend that kinda went that way [lesbian] at one point in time. I was like, 'What the fuck is this?' So I think I was just being affected by it and it ended up coming out in my verse. Masada: I called Rico a month later just to check on him. And he said, "Masada what's up, you need to come get paid, you know you're on the OutKast album?" And I said, "What?" He said, "Yeah, you're on the album. They ended up putting you on the album." I was very surprised. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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